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Our mission is to nurture mental and physical wellness in youth through the fundamentals of movement, nutrition, confidence and mindset.

We believe that physical activity is essential for the overall health and development of kids and teens, and our goal is to provide a fun and welcoming space where kids can get active, socialize, build self-confidence, and become part of a healthy community.

We are committed to being inclusive to kids of all shapes and sizes, and we believe that every child has the right to feel comfortable and supported in their fitness journey.


Meet Coach Tony

Coach Tony Scott is a licensed physical trainer who has been working with adults and kids in the fitness industry for over 10 years. As an active father of four kids, he specializes in motivating and inspiring children and young families to be more active through simple and creative ways of exercising and getting involved in extracurricular activities in our community.


Meet Coach Tabitha

Coach Tabitha Scott is a licensed physical trainer, a licensed nutritional therapist, and a mother of four boys. She has been working with kids and young families for over 7 years. She specializes in helping young families learn how to nutritiously feed their bodies, in simple and effective ways, so that they will have more energy and be able to engage in more active lifestyles.


S - Stewardship

H - Honesty

O - Ownership

C - Consistency

K - Kinship, Kindness

E - Effort

R - Respect

S - Supportive

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