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Our mission is to nurture mental and physical wellness in youth through the fundamentals of movement, nutrition, confidence and mindset.


Our vision is for obesity and diabetes to be diseases of the past; eradicated by children learning to fuel their bodies for movement and getting ample amounts of rest, hydration, sunshine, and exercise.


Youth respect their minds and bodies, eagerly investing in themselves and understanding their bodies are tools that will allow them to live lives full of purpose and joy. 


Kids across the US have an insatiable desire to become physically and mentally strong and present themselves to the world, knowing there is nothing they cannot achieve with movement, fuel, mindset and hard work.


S - Stewardship

H - Honesty

O - Ownership

C - Consistency

K - Kinship, Kindness

E - Effort

R - Respect

S - Supportive


Glitch Fitness was born out of a need for kids of all ages to experience vitality, strength and health at a young age, to engrain healthy lifestyle habits early on so that they can easily take those life lessons of fitness, nutrition and a never quit mindset into their adult lives!


In today's digital age, kids are growing up in environments where they are predisposed to developing unhealthy preferences. In the course of a single day, a child might find chips and candy bars in the snack machine at school, play video games and apps that were designed to be addictive to their still-developing brains, see a constant barrage of marketing for delicious foods devoid of nutritional value, and feel pressure to have their own smartphone or tablet before they reach their teenage years. Their lives are influenced by these pressures. Sugary drinks, easy fast-food and little or no physical activity have become the social norms for most kids, while childhood obesity and diabetes are at an all-time, record high. Issues like low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety among youth are growing at an alarming rate, yet time spent each day on video gaming and other screen time continues to rise.


Kids are eager to exercise independence and make choices for themselves. But as funding drops and physical education is devalued in schools, they aren’t taught enough about caring for their bodies or how to build a strong mindset to make the right choices. The fundamentals of health and physical fitness that used to be introduced in school PE are now found in optional youth sports and athletics programs. For those lucky teens that discover a passion for sports as budding high school athletes, nothing is available for low-impact, low risk, low-cost athletic conditioning programs.  Youth sports leagues and specialized conditioning programs are too expensive or time consuming for most families – so kids end up being left out. The result is a generation of kids that aren’t armed with the knowledge or tools they need to be healthy, build confidence, navigate challenges and make good choices.


Glitch Fitness was founded to help fill this gap. Drawing parallels between an overloaded circuit producing an unforeseen spike in energy and combining the principles of movement, fuel and environment (mindset) to achieve high-reaching goals, Glitch Fitness shows kids there’s a better way. With parents and coaches working in partnership, youth are invited to step away from screens, focus on what’s inside, and nurture that spark for a healthy lifestyle - giving them a fighting chance to make better choices and follow a different path.


With coaches, kids and parents working together, we can reverse sedentary trends, give kids the skills they need to be happy, healthy adults and build a community of caring, socially responsible individuals committed to confidence, inclusion, teamwork, and health.

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