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Glitch Fitness is now offering Teen Strength Training Classes for 7th - 12th grade students who want to learn the basics of safe and effective weight training.

Our goal is to teach teens how to workout safely and effectively. Our weekly Teen Strength Classes focus on the fundamentals of lifting weights using proper form and technique. Starting June 1st, our Teen Strength Training Classes will take place weekly. Once enrolled, participants will attend every week with the flexibility to cancel anytime.


This program has been designed to teach 7th - 12th grade students correct weightlifting techniques and strength building exercises so they can:


✔️Avoid injury

✔️Gain confidence

✔️Improve athletic performance

✔️Increase muscle development

✔️Workout safely when they go to a gym on their own

This unique program is age-specific so your kids will be working out alongside their peers and learning at their own speed. Proper form and safe lifting will always be emphasized over the amount of weight lifted. Our coaches are certified personal trainers who have extensive experience training teens and local high school athletic teams.

Due to the nature of this program, space is extremely limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

If you want your teen to learn how to lift weights safely and correctly, complete the form below to secure a spot for your teen today!
Available sessions:
Monday evenings, 7:30pm
Thursday evenings, 7:30pm
Saturday afternoons, 2pm (waitlist)

Interested in our Teen Strength Training Program?
Sign up now and our head trainer will get in touch

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